Big Bazaar Ganganagar

Big Bazaar is now at Sri Ganganagar also. India's one of the best Shopping & Retail service is now in CGR Mall Sri Ganganagar. Big Bazaar Sri Ganganagar is situated in CGR Mall's underground floor. Currently no news for jobs in Big Bazaar Sri Ganganagar Branch. Big Bazaar's Facebook Fan page Contact No.: or 1800 200 2255.
Let's Explore Big Bazaar Sri Ganganagar:CGR Mall, Chahal Chowk, Hanumangarh Road, Shri Ganganagar

Big Bazaar Sri Ganganagar

Big bazaar is a retailing type industry. It’s Indian Industry and its Headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. BIG Bazaar is a very large store with a wide range of goods and a large parking lot. The revenue of BIG Bazaar is ₹110 billion (US$1.7 billion) crores (in 2012) (Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar combined) The Number of employees in Big Bazaar is 36000 people.  BIG Bazaar’s Slogan is Making India Beautiful. Now BIG Bazaar is opening its new store in Sri Ganganagar city.

Sri Ganganagar is very broad city not only according to area but also according to heart of the people. Population of this city is around 5 lakhs.  This city is spreaded over 22 sq. km. Sri Ganganagar city is divided into four parts. Sri Ganganagar city is situated at the northern direction of Rajasthan and western of India. Sri Ganganagar is situated near Punjab, Haryana and international border of Pakistan. People call Food basket of Rajasthan and also Green District of Rajasthan. Now public of Sri Ganganagar is very curious to know about the initiate timing of BIG Bazaar in Sri Ganganagar.

Sri Ganganagar city was developed by maharaja Ganga Singh.  Sri Ganganagar city is divided in to four clusters.

I    Cluster – The north western part of the city the area of first cluster is purani Abadi .

II   Cluster – The second Cluster is the north eastern part of the city. All Industrial zone is under is in this cluster.

All Industrial zone is under is in this cluster. III Cluster – The south western part of the city is called by the name of third cluster. The area of Ambica city is come under on third cluster. IV Cluster – The south eastern part of the city this including Ridhi- Sidhi township. This area is developing fast and fast as soon as possible.

Now BIG Bazaar is opening in CGR mall and the entire basement is covered by BIG Bazaar. Opening of BIG Bazaar is the intriguing topic for sgnr.

Sri Ganganagar city is well developed than other cities which are situated near it. Mostly Punjabi people are living here. After opening of BIG Bazaar every person likes to shop everything from this attractive and beneficial place.

Big Bazaar offers –

Wednesday Bazaar-

This Scheme was initiated in January 2007.Big Bazaar offering Wednesday offer. You can call this 'Hafte Ka Sabse Sasta Din' (Cheapest Day of the Week). The Idea behind this scheme is gathering people in BIG Bazaar on Wednesday. The main aim which is hidden behind this scheme is 'to give homemakers the power to save the most'.

Maha Bachat –

Mega Saving concept was initiated in the year 2006. During the scheme, Offers are given all in the value format including Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Electronic Bazaar, Furniture Bazaar, Fashion bazaar.

The Great Exchange offer –

This offer was initiated in the year of 2009 12th feb. This offer is offering to exchange whole the old goods for BiG Bazaar coupons

These three schemes are active till date 2015.

1) Big Bazaar Wednesday Bazaar Offer Get 30% off on Whole Spices Flat 50% off on Detergents

GREAT DEALS from Big Bazaar Website


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