Famous Places List

Rj13Force collected information related to opening and closing time, location and contact info of all Famous places of Ganganagar Rajasthan.
This includes all Religious places, Historical places, Fun and Picnic spots, Food For shopping, For exploring and learn.
You can also suggest more places and we will very happy to add them all here. our Mail ID : rj13force [at] gmail

Religious places

We have many famous Religious places here. Some best and most popular among them are posted here with their information, lets Visit their and get a chance to bring some devotion into your life.

Historical Places

Our city also have many historical stories and these stories have monuments or signs of their existence. Here are few of them with more information. Visit there and suggest other too to visit.


Other than Temples and Historical places we have some other attraction in our city that attracts not even us but people of other states or cities also.

Play/Outdoor Fun

These places are for those who want to be our from home for most of the day for having fun. So enjoy with your friends or family.

Eating Fun

Yummy! Tasty! yes these places have our city's best food to eat so we have collected some of the most eatable and famous items with there makers name and address. So fill your SAD mood with some great spicy or Sweet items from our lovely Sri Ganganagar and love them.

Shopping Fun

Doing Shopping is also a kind of fun in market, so we are suggesting some special places where shopping can bring real fun in your life. So check places now. Suggest other places to us via mail: rj13force [at] gmail


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