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By using or accessing our site, the users indicate that they are agreeing to the Terms of use of our site mentioned in this page. In case you don’t agree to any of these terms mentioned here, then you are requested to leave this website. The present version of the terms of use is mentioned in this site and we always update the terms of use to inform our users about the latest. The illegality, invalidity or the unenforceability of these terms will not affect the prolongation compelling with the remainder of these sections.

Conditions for Posting Details on Our Site:

  • To get your business listed on our site, you should have a physical presence in or around Jaipur City. In case your contact address is of any other place of India then we will not be able to show your listings. Before publishing any details on our site, we thoroughly check to make sure that the details you have inserted along with your location is completely true or not.
  • Rj14force offers the visitors the scope to contact the companies directly through their contact details published on our site. But we don’t take any responsibility for the information transmitted to the companies or to the users in the form of email or calls.
  • By agreeing to the terms of use of our website before publishing your business information, you have to agree that the email address of your business is up to date. In case you don’t want to use your email address in the directory, then you can choose that option too or you can also edit your information later on.
  • You should review your details after a few months to keep it intact. The information not reviewed for a longer term will be deleted from our site. At the same time, you have to make sure that the information published on our site of your business is completely up to date.

Conditions for the users:

We don’t post any kind of wrong or fake information on our site. So, if anyone posts any wrong information on this site, then Rj14force will not be responsible. It is not possible for us to verify all the contents as these are mainly approved directly. But we only approve the contents that look similar to the originals. Rj14force doesn’t send any wrong or fake information to the clients intentionally.
At Rj14force, we refine our information time to time and in this process, we remove all the information to be found fake or wrong. A number of information that you will find on our website are collected from other sites, other sources or from the Internet. These details include: pin codes, daily news, information about the sites and many more things. Sometimes, we may change the terms of use section of our site periodically without any notice and the users are requested to check these for getting the revised versions.

We don’t have any intention to steal the data or information of any site. We just collect the data from other sites to send the information to the clients and we post the URLs of these sources as the references. At Rj31force, we use different types of information, news, images, animation, advertisements and other contents for search services on this platform. We mainly offer these materials through our sites only for personal or non-commercial use.

A number of information stored on this site is mainly used for the entertainment purpose like as the funny videos, shayari, jokes, mobile application links, “OMG facts images”, websites for wallpapers, time pass sites etc. So, there are chances that here you will find the links to other sites or the information on other sites. We mainly keep these contents on our site to attract the youths. All the information posted on our site may not be relevant to the Jaipur City.

If anyone gets affected by the contents posted on this website or if anyone tries to use the contents of these sites illegally, then the person will be responsible for this matter and Rj14force will not be responsible for this.

In case the users find any wrong information or details on the government or private details or news published on this site, then they are requested to double check the details and then confirm them directly to the respective companies. Rj14force will not be responsible for being the details right or wrong.

While we make every attempt to find out the authenticity of the contents published on this site. But this site is not at all liable to any type of actions, losses or damages arising either directly or indirectly, because of the usage or while accessing the contents published on this site.
The users can use, copy, view or distribute the information found on this website for internal or non-commercial purposes. But you are not permitted to use these details for scraping, data mining or for other purposes to compete with our company. Rj31force has the rights of all the information posted on this site along with the actual owners of these contents.

Besides, we are also free to use the ideas, concepts, techniques or know how contained in the details that the companies offer us for the purposes whatsoever together with but not only limited to the factors like manufacturing, developing or marketing any services by incorporating these details.


The copyright of the contents mentioned in this site is completely subject to the copyright rules of the Indian law. It is owned by the third parties or the publishers as applicable to. The users can only copy or print the parts mentioned in this website for solely non-commercial or personal use. Any other usage of the contents mentioned in the website is prohibited. None of the content mentioned in this site or any part of the content can’t be reproduced on any other site or any other media. We don’t ask users to provide us any propriety or confidential details except for the personally identifiable details that we agree to keep confidential as mentioned in the privacy policy on our website.


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